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Question about future delves event weekend

I was wondering if we will have an All seeing eye delve event on weekend? The other question how often new factions will be added? @Saltypatra

I think it’s 1 faction every month

It works the same way as class event. Old factions rotate every tuesday. New faction is added once a month on the weekend

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Im hoping for an all seeing eye weekend, i didn’t have time to play on Tuesday and purchasing sigils would have been a waste

Here’s how I understand the events:

  • Every Tuesday, there is a 1-day-only event for one of the factions. Maybe it’s random, maybe it’s in a pattern.
  • Once a month, there is a new faction released on Friday coinciding with a weekend-long faction event for that one.

So by that logic, no, there will not be an ASE event this weekend because we’re in the middle of the Crypt Keepers event.

According to Taran’s World, next Tuesday is Hall of Guardians (which makes sense, since it wasn’t last Tuesday’s.) Our next weekend event is on October 19.

While there almost certainly won’t be an ASE weekend event, there will be more Tuesday events with All-Seeing Eye, if that helps, with the first two on September 25 and October 16.

It seems like Tuesdays will have a non-random rotation of old Factions.