Question about Duskbringer

I hear I wont be able to craft the Duskbringer weapon as I completly skips the Campaign, is this true?? My face is red as blood oranges right now, im furious.

The components for it are currently rewards in the campaign. They will surely have a way to obtain them at some point.

Probably something like Heart of Rage. For Kurandara.


Well, when dawnbringer came out, the individual pieces were immediately available. Granted, not many players were able to burn through all the parts AND craft it right away…but the option was there if you had the resources.
I get the feeling that the pieces will only show up the next time their respective kingdoms come up…which is completely opposite of dawnbringer.
I have zero problem with the pass players getting it for “free”. ie: don’t have to spend resources on it. I have a big problem punishing FTP players by making them wait months for the relevant pieces, and then assuming they have the resources needed that week, or they’ll have to wait ANOTHER year or so to get it.


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Unless I missed something on a stream I predict it will work exactly like dawnbringer. Pieces will be in the forge either right after the campaign or within one month after for similar costs or even the exact same cost as dawnbringer pieces and dawnbringer itself. It makes little sense to do it any other way but im happy(or unhappily cause it would suck) to be corrected if info is already out there.

Enraged was the same price as Zuul, dustbringer should equal dawnbringer.

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Here’s the DuskBringer:

It does not shield everyone it deathmarks

Rewards for $10 or $15 for Elite pass

I didn’t mean the actual skill lol. I meant how you obtain it, such as requiring 3 weapons you have to craft in the forge for 100k souls and then crafting DuskBringer for 1 million souls. The devs usually like to keep things consistent as they did with Enraged Kurandara costing the same price(other than heart of rage) as Zuul. So it would make sense, at least to me, that this process would be the same for DuskBringer as it was for Dawnbringer considering they are the same tier of weapon.

Sorry if I misspoke there but that’s what I was referring to.

Lol. Then be civil and formulate your sentence correctly before posting.

Clearly you have logged back into the game lol. Civility has nothing to do with your lack of reading things in context.

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Mother of God, for once can you two quit this madness…

I don’t know what to think of it all @ButtStallion. We will have to wait a lot of time I think before we will be able to craft this weapon if we did not buy any of the passes. I am numb, really. On the other side they need money to keep the game running, and need to do things like this so players that “cant miss out” on anything will jump on the train and help with the economy and running of the game in general.

I myself have supported this game since I joined it and is VIP Level 11. Thank God for players like us that makes sure a ton of people can play a free game. I still don’t think I am better than those that did not support the game with real money, what I am saying in the end of the day is the payers that keep this game running. So lets applaud them. :clap:

So my conclution is, I understand the situation, eventho it’s hard to swallow it all.

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They’ve just switched from “Free To Play” to “Pay To Win”. As a VIP 16 (200 to 17) I can tell you for sure

You dont need to pay a single cent to enjoy this game Mr.Rosenkranz.


RosenKREUZ, please

And returning to your DuskBringer… Yes, surely you don’t =)))

What a weak and utterly childish reply from one that was born in 79’. I can fully enjoy this game without Duskbringer Mr.Rosenkranz.

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It is an offence. I corrected you to spell my Nick in a proper way. Who’s being childish?

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