Question about deathmark


I am unsure about a thing there. It is known, when a deathmark is activated on a troop, that it can be triggered after at least one turn. So what does happen, when you put a deathmark on the next turn on the same troop again? Is this “cooldown” refreshed and you have to wait a turn again, that it can be triggered or does the first attempt of the deathmark still count?

My guess is, that it will be refreshed every time, but I am unsure.

Thanks for answers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are correct. Death Mark does “reset” each time it is applied. Many other status effects like Stun and Silence work the same way.


Thanks, that helped a lot! :kissing_heart:

Hold on, I think the question isn’t about whether Death Mark expiry gets reset, it’s whether the Death Mark grace period (can’t trigger on first turn) gets reset. I’m fairly sure reapplication doesn’t provide another safety buffer, you can die any turn after the very first.

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That is how I interpreted the question as well, but I don’t know the answer for sure.

I checked for it quite a while ago because I had been wondering about the same thing. I had a troop with Death Mark die the very turn it got reapplied, I don’t remember the details though. Would need a second opinion, just to make sure I didn’t somehow miss some other cause of death.

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In some situations it have some tactical reasons. For example if you play a match against a troop, which death marks you on skullhits. So if you are death marked and the death mark-trigger would always reset on re-applying, then I would leave skullmatches for this troop and would prevent myself from dying, because I am always in this “first turn safety zone”.

Same applies if you have a troop by yourself death marking enemies on skullhits. So once you death marked one and you have a skull match, what are you doing now? If the trigger always resets, then this skull match isn’t really of advantage.

Hmm i usually let dark troll/wraith take skull and reapply death mark because i think it would delay death mark for another turn. Perhaps ive been lucky because i dont recall seeing death mark trigger right after it has been reapplied?

The real qurstion…
Does curse reset the one turn grace period on death mark.

Any reason why you think it would? It seems to be just another negative status effect like, say, Burning, which I wouldn’t expect to reset the grace period either.

I understood the question. My understanding has always been that the “grace period” on Death Mark resets each time it is reapplied. I cannot remember an instance where I had a troop perish on the first turn after a Death Mark reapplication and, as mentioned above, I specifically have allowed Wraith or Dark Troll to skull hit a troop to reset everything. Of course, I may be in error if you have had a different experience with Death Mark. It may be best to tag a developer and get a definitive answer.

Never mind, I miss read cursed.

@Kafka @Cyrup @Saltypatra, sorry for tagging, but may we get a answer, which will clarify this matter? Thank you very much :kissing_heart:

Cursed resets timer, and presumably the one turn grace period.

It just says, that it resets the recovery-chance. So every turn you get a higher chance, that you get recovered and being cursed again is just resetting this timer. I am not sure, that it has also influence on the death mark- counter :thinking:

It doesn’t mention the grace period, just the recovery chance, I wouldn’t place any bets though. Curse actually carrying a benefit would definitely feel odd. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If a Troop is already Death Marked and is Death Marked again the % chance to kill doesn’t increase or stack on top. It will, however, refresh the status effect “cooldown” you describe so that the Deathmark recover/chance to kill process starts again.


In other words, if I apply Deathmark continuously, every turn, the troop never gets a chance to die from it because the 1-turn grace period is always in effect?

I have used that precise strategy in the past when facing troops that Death Mark on skull hits.

Yeah! Eternal refresh!

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