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Question about blue team for weekly event

Does the team have to be all solid blue or can they be mixed? ie blue-red blue-green, etc.


Mixed works.

It can be mixed blues. For example, Behemoth counts.

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awesome. thanks for the replies

Do they have to be unique Blues? Or can I use multiple copies of the same mob?

Huh… that’s a good question… I’ll go try with non-uniques and see what happens.

EDIT: I THINK it does, but I’m a bit rusty on the forumla for gold at the end of a battle. The PVP opponent screen said +643 gold, I got 16 during the battle from 4/5 matches, and I have a gold multiplier of 2.25. I ended up with 1883 on the victory screen.

(Team was Behemoth, CB, CB, Naga Queen for reference, and it was against the easy opponent choice.)

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Four unique is not necessary for this event bonus, nor was it for the souls event two weeks ago, however, you don’t get any special indicators that you have received the bonuses, they are just tacked onto your battle reward (with NO armor or VIP modifiers). Four Astral Spirits is a valid team, for example (coincidentally, for both this “blue” event and the “undead” event two weeks ago).


Thanks for the confirmation, that’s what I thought it was, but hadn’t actually gotten around to testing it myself.

(643 * 2.25) + 16 + 400 = 1862.75

So this non-unique team got the bonus, but it also confirms neither the bonus nor the ones earned during battle are affected by your modifier.

edit: Since I evidently can’t tell the difference between an 8 and a 6 without glasses, the correct math is:

(643 + 16) * 2.25 + 400 = 659 * 2.25 + 400 = 1482.75 + 400 = 1882.75 => 1883

So the modifier is applied to what is earned during fight, but not to the bonus

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I think there’s a minor mistake there… he ended up with 1883, not 1863, but if you multiply the 16 bonus gold by the multiplier you end up with the right amount:
(643 + 16) * 2.25 + 400 = 1882.75

Does summoning a non-blue troop break the bonus or does it just depend on your starting team?


Mental note: put glasses on before trying to read numbers. I could have sworn I read he got 1863, thanks for the correction

More info:
Entering the battle with three troops and an empty spot, regardless of if you summon anything, even if they all fit the criteria, does not qualify you for the bonus.
Entering the battle with four blue troops, having one die, and summoning a different color troop in their space is fine.

So it appears only starting configuration matters.