Queen Mab's third trait - fires off even if she's dead

I am curious, because I don’t see other troops that do this, so I am curious how this happens.

I killed Queen Mab on turn two of the game and yet on turn 5 when I did a 5 match - I was frozen and the only troop on opponents side that was still in play was Justice and she doesn’t have that trait.

This shouldn’t be happening. It is either a rare glitch or more likely you may not have noticed that the unit was frozen earlier by the mab. If She froze you before she died the frozen unit could have easily still been frozen a couple turns later.

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Wait… the (dead) enemy Mab froze one of your troops when YOU made a 5-match? O.o

While it did not happen to me, someone came into global and said the same thing about being entangled three turns after the troop with entangled had died.

Ayup and I am still not sure what the heck happened. I wish I had do a screen capture at the time. Given that the day before I had misread Incubus I thought maybe I didn’t read Justice right or Queen Mab right…(even though she is dead)