QoL Feature Request: "Quick Peek" feature for Troop details & Troop View grid size toggle & Quick skill use

“Quick Peek” feature for Troop details:

  • Quickly see the three detail cards of a troop on the screen side by side while pressing down a button, (no overlap in cards , no extra effect explanations on the right side).
  • For PC, this can be simply “show while holding down right mouse button on troop”.
  • For tablets, this can be an extra button on the bottom corner that when kept down or toggled, makes tapping a troop card bring up the “peek” popup and tapping again makes it go away again.
  • Would make it easier to quickly see many troops skills and traits when choosing troops.

Troop View grid size toggle

  • Toggle to make the Troop grid from a 2x4 into a 3x6 (cards are 2/3rds of original size).
  • Makes it easier to go through a larger amount of troops, which is a bit of a problem with the amount of different troops we have.

Quick Skill Use

  • Right clicking on the portrait of a unit uses it’s skill with one click instead of having to go through the troop detail menu. Can be a “quick use on/off” toggle button on tablets.
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