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Pyggra Troop is invisible

August 27 2018 time 9:45 Hello everybody Pyggra is a monster from broken spire and shows up in the new kingdom of Sin Of Maraja challenges in the sin of wrath BUT does not show up in the filters tab under broken spire troop list its invisable! Why have a new troop showing up in challenges but can’t unlock it? Why does this happen?

The troop is already in the game files, but it probably got a delayed release for whatever reason the devs deamed necessary on their schedule. Don’t worry, we’ll have a chance to get it in the future when the event happens…


Thanks for telling me Razzagor i didn’t know why this was happening. :slight_smile:

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Pyggra is needed for the Challenges and Quests. However, they’re not released yet… soon!