PvP with card type constraints

I think it’d be fun if there was a PvP pool/option each week for teams that all have to obey certain changing constraint[s]. Possibilities:

  • rarity. teams must be made of all commons, or 2 commons, 1 rare, and one ultra rare.
  • colors. teams must all use a certain color(s), or use none of a certain color(s).
  • kingdoms. teams must all come from the same kingdom or only from a set of allowable kingdoms
  • etc

I think an issue right now is that team creation isn’t very interesting. Since the cards are not really balanced it comes down to just picking what is generally by all measurements your best card(s) and then adding a mana generator and, on occasion a buffer, like justice in the typical korvash/mab/valkyrie/justice team.

I think having some constrained PvP would be fun since it’d make for some more creative team building rather than regular pvp which comes down to most of every team looking like carbon copies of a handful of super powered teams.

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And to support the feature in the card list there would be a filter to show all cards you have that hit the constraint for the week.