Pvp vs guild wars

What the heck is going on. Why is pvp and guild wars different. The luck of the ai is insane. I have never witnessed such garbage in all life. Is it just me or what? You devs need to check because something is off … Its like the board is setup for you to lose. I use entangle and its gone after 1 turn, they use entangle and it lasts whole match, I use life and death and deathmark is gone after 1 turn, they use it and both my troops die after 1 turn. I use irongut and never devour a troop, they use it and devour every troop . See these are examples of the crap I tried of dealing with . This only happens in guild wars. Quit giving unfair advantages to other guilds. Rant over…


Normal business

GW has always seemed much more razors edge than standard PvP. RNG can be a malevolent thing but it seems so much more pernicious and unforgiving in GW. Or maybe that is just my recall bias running amok! The only balm to soothe our angst is knowing that everyone is facing the same thing. At least that is what I keep telling myself…:laughing:

Let’s compare the environment of PvP and GW.

  • In PvP, you blow through your loses and focus on the wins.
    • In GW, every loss costs you a large amount of points.
  • In PvP, you face opponents with normal stats.
    • In GW, higher ranks have more bonus stats (I think?)
  • In PvP, you can adjust your team and use all resources to win.
    • In GW, you lose points if you use off-color troops.
  • In PvP, opponents make a diverse array of teams, some easy to beat, for a variety of reasons.
    • In GW, the opponent is trying their best to exploit your team selection disadvantage.

So objectively speaking, GW is an environment where you should expect to lose more. Your team is at many disadvantages, and your opponent is not inclined to give you a “fun” or “soft” team.

It doesn’t help that in general, a good defense team does something “cheap” and it’s likely you’ll either lose your entire team with no chance to respond or it will just kill you very slowly after it gets its engine going.

All in all, GW is a better event for a game with a far more flat power curve than GoW. It’s time to replace it with something else. With the current crop of troops, it’s accidentally engineered to be miserable. I’m winning this week too, I just don’t like the setup.

(Just like the dissenters who will arrive, I haven’t lost since 2017 and get 10k points every match. It’s just sad when I see what happens to everyone else.)


Excellent synopsis!!