PvP victory recording as a defeat

Platform, device version and operating system

Screenshot or image
Unable to provide as the victory in pvp goes straight to ‘rewards’ for a defeat

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Very simple go to the victory screen and rewards in pvp

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Three or four times over two days of play [ most recent 5.55-6.00 pm- estimate Australian EST]

Steps to make it happen again
Unsure as opposing teams vary when it happens. Victories are however, totally comprehensive. No troops lost on my side. The victory is always very clear cut. It should not go to the ’ loss rewards’ screen.
I mean I absolutely caned: Forest Guardian/ Dawnbringer /Infernus/ Divine Ishbaala and was feeling pretty chuffed and what do I get -ushered to the defeat sreen. Not a happy game experience.

Happened again 28 April 5.30 pm Australian EST - a clear wipeout of 4 firebombs by the player versus a pvp opponent - yet it took the player to the loss rewards . A glitch to fix please.


Welcome to a bug that they’ve known about for over a year. It’s not making them any money to fix it so it’s definitely not a priority

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Technically it’s been announced as fixed at least once. So some aspect of it got fixed, but that tells us there are other aspects they didn’t reproduce so the “do exactly what the ticket says” style of QA testing couldn’t sniff out the other.

Considering I remember it from patch notes and pre-release announcements I wouldn’t say it’s “not a priority”, more like “one of the things that makes me think multiple threads are responsible for updating game state which is a classic ‘don’t do that’ in software development.”

Well technically that means it was NOT fixed… It was possibly mended but not fixed.