PVP Suggestion

Hello, There are many good things about the new PVP but a major drawback I see is it renders some special abilities useless. For example, if I have to make an all divine team, I am going up against other all divine teams which makes any divine card I have specifically against demons relatively useless. Or if we are using all dragons than any knight slayers aren’t going to be useful, etc. It would be interesting to have themes that were more of a mix instead of so uniform.

Also, to continue picking on the divine teams, those games can take FOREVER as all troops are busy pumping up shields and life.

Thanks for listening.


This is a normal risk of certain type restrictions.

For comparison, on Switch we just had a Bounty weekend vs. Rogues, and – egad, Egg Thief (Stealthy + summoner) and Shadowblade (Stealthy DPS + RNG mana refill) were simply the worst combination of opponents to be facing off against!


Stratelier I hear you.
Facing bottom rank Egg-Thief in bounty was infuriating.

OG For divines I’m using max level Slayer(WoS), Divine Ishbaala, Mercy, Infernus. Makes short work of them.