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PVP ranking magic

I have been afk for 1 hour. Before I left I was on 4th place on the ranking, when I came back I noticed something very weird. A player out of space took my place :smiley: and Im pretty sure he wasnt even in first 10 when I checked.

Then I picked a pvp and got that player where shows he is on totally different place on rank:

Whats with this? Is it some graphic bug or spring imp again?

Its a visual bug, and congrats on the effort.

Thank you. Him on 4th place is a visual bug or him on 101 is? :smiley:

the 101 is a visual bug, and bbfantasy has mostly been up there in the higher ranks from what i recall, so you probably just didn’t recognize him before.

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I didn’t take a screenshot but at one point I had all three opponents saying rank 101 at the same time. :confused:

Needless to say, none of them were actually ranked 101.

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