PvP rank reset overnight (01/19/2016), rewarded as if 1 day event

Hi, my girlfriend and I recently got addicted to this game early last week. We started to get the hang of things and really enjoyed the idea of the PVP rewards at the end of last week’s event, so we grinded and grinded to rank 1 with happy results yesterday morning.

Yesterday, the ranks were reset with a new character to purchase with glory, one she saw in the morning named Goblin Rocket or similar, only to be replaced by the time I got home with a character whose name I forget, but is an elf and summons spider swarms.

This didn’t bother me too much but last night, she and I began our quest for rank 1 again, and I was diligent enough to reach it before bed time, while she hit rank 3 with the intention to finish her goal today sometime.

Well when she logged in to her account today, she was awarded as if the entire event was completed, at rank 3 rewards, but her PVP rank was reset. I then logged in myself and the exact same has happened.

I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth with our newfound glory points, we just haven’t seen any specific news about what is happening for console players here on the forums.

Anyone else have the same thing happen?

Yesterday when the goblin rocket was released on console it was broken in that it wasn’t being rewarded after being purchased. This is why it was changed later on to a different troop that is working properly. Everyone who purchased the goblin rocket was refunded(or is supposed to be. There are a few discrepencies in that).

As for your pvp rank being reset I have no idea. It didn’t happen to me personally. I play on ps4, and I did purchase the goblin rocket. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Btw the devs for the console version are actually 505games, so if you ever need any support stuff go to: http://support.505games.com/support/

This is a related post about the goblin rocket issue: Xbox one goblin rocket purchase didnt work - #37 by Nimhain There’s no real reason for you to read it, but if you wanted to know the source of this information it’s there.

I just restarted my game(it’d been on for awhile), and my pvp rank was reset as well and I was rewarded. I have no idea why.

Yeah I believe the reset is 9:00am Central so maybe that’s why. So it did happen to you after all? Thanks for the redirect too by the way, do they have a social forum like this as well? 505 I mean.

Yep it did. I guess I’ll be doing pvp tonight again lol. No they don’t have a forum; they actually recommend this one. This one is very useful for information in general, and help from other players, but if you ever need something fixed I’d go to 505games support. In my personal epxerience(only from yesterday) they reply quite fast and are much better than most support teams I’ve dealt with in the past.

They claim Goblin Rocket will appear in our troop lists once they “fix” it.

As for the time for the daily reset, I can confirm it is 9:00a.m. Central. My PvP rank also reset today, lucky for me I try and get Rank 1 immediately (to achieve maximum amount of Glory). On the plus side, my Guild will now get another 40-50 trophies from every member whom has to re-rank up.