PVP Points at 0 and not updating

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam and iPad 6 – main character
BlueStacks/Android – low-level character

I apologise for not breaking this up. I just don’t have the time to keep doing separate bug reports any more.

.1) City of Thieves Text Errors
There are two errors in the text for the City of Thieves story quest, one in Ally Oops, one in the final sequence.

.2) Guild Wars Failure at Reset
At Sunday reset, I was in the middle of my third Guild Wars battle. After winning the battle and getting correct credit for the win, my Attack tab did not allow me to progress to the 4th battle for day 5. Instead, I was presented with a message about Guild Wars not having started or something (sorry, no screenshot). Exiting GW and going through the daily rewards screen did not fix the problem. At this point, I was concerned!

Restarting the game fixed the problem, and I was able to proceed to my 4th battle for day 5. However, scaring players with this kind of behaviour is pretty poor form.

In case it matters, I had played a large number of Guild Wars battles in a row, all on the same day, starting with battle 1 of day 2. Note: There was no effect on my Guild Wars score or result. This is a state machine fault at reset.

.3) PvP Score Displays as 0
This has been a bug as long as I’ve been playing, yet I can’t find a bug report, and it’s not in the Known Bugs list.

As shown in the screenshots below (taken less than a minute apart), I have 2073 PvP points, yet on the PvP Stats tab it shows me having 0 PvP points.

This seems to happen quite regularly. For example, I currently have the game running on PC. I haven’t played any PvP since starting, but I have played other battles and collected Tribute. The PvP Stats page shows 0 points. The work-around is to play any PvP battle (pretty sure it doesn’t have to be Ranked), but this is really annoying when you’re trying to quickly check your score. One’s profile screen (also a pain to access quickly) always seems to show the correct score.

.4) Trophies Not Shown
This is not a bug, but it is hard to understand. Unless I’m missing something, there is no way to see how many trophies you’ve earned within the set of tabs in the PvP screen. The only places trophies can be seen is upon winning a Ranked match and within the Guild menu.

.5) Challenge Tier IV Rewards
As I believe you know, the final reward for completing Tier IV Challenges is bugged, in more than one way. The reward is 3 Arcane Traitstones. First problem is, we would expect the type of Arcane to match the Kingdom, but it doesn’t. Second problem is, the type of traitstones seems to change every day! (See the screenshots, taken before and after reset.) The third problem is that, no matter what type of Arcane it displays, it always awards Red/Brown Arcanes (no screenshot).

.6) PvP Opponents Out of Order
I’m playing a second character, using BlueStacks (the platform should not play any part in this bug). In the screenshots below, the character is level 10, 21, 22, 24, 26, respectively (the level also appears at the end of each image name). The bug is that the PvP Opponents I’m being shown are not in order of increasing team score. For example, in the second-last screenshot, the 1-trophy battle has the highest team score, while the 3-trophy battle has the lowest team score. This character has now progressed to level 50, and I don’t think I’m seeing this issue any more. (Note: I’ve just thought of a possible explanation. It may be that the players have gained levels since their teams were snap-shotted for PvP. I have no way of going back to check the actual level of the Hero within the battle.)

.7) Class Events Not Scaling to Level
At around player level 35, the Plaguelord Event quest battles were nearly impossible. They were much harder than for Corsair class the week before (before v4.5). Obviously, the reason is that they’ve been rescaled with all the quest content. However, it was my impression that the scaling would take player level into account, which does not appear to have happened here.

It feels like a troll, to offer the quest to the player for one day only when they might not be able to complete it at all. For example, offering the Class Event quests to a level 10 player would not leave them with positive feelings towards the game.

The counter-argument is that having access to these quests at all (through the Event) was really handy when I was levelling my very first character. Perhaps there is some sort compromise.

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That’s a very interesting point. Quest line difficulty used to scale based on your level, which I assume also applied to the class quest. As much as I know the 4.5 kingdom revamp puts them at a fixed difficulty, you unlock progressively more difficult groups of kingdoms. Class events possibly breaks out of the intended difficulty curve, they allow low level players to access a high difficulty quest line they would normally only encounter much later.

Maybe class events should only be accessible to players who already have the associated kingdom unlocked?

It was definitely a shock. No idea what an equitable solution would be, nor even if it’s a problem. Except that applying pain to early-game players seems like a bad idea. :man_shrugging:

Does… anything related to 4.5 work?

  1. will be fixed when we can, this may take a while though as we have higher priority items to handle first sorry

  2. Already resolved, please see the article:

  3. Did you have this issue on mobile or PC or bluestacks?
    You’ll need the game exited on any device you’re not actively playing on. Did you try force closing and re-opening the game to see if that solved the issue? Which day and time did you have the issue?

  4. that’s not a bug, that’s just the current UI design, I’ve already made a feedback report about this.

  5. This is a known issue and there’s an article here:

Please ensure you read the known issues before making bug reports.

Currently the only issue I can help trouble shoot is your PVP score issue, the rest were already addressed before you made your bug report or not bugs.

Thanks for the reply, Kafka.

The PvP Score showing up as 0 on the Stats tab has been present as long as I’ve been playing the game. It happens all the time, on Steam, iPad and Android. I’m actually shocked that no-one has mentioned it before.

As I said, playing a PvP match is usually the only thing that will correct it – restarting doesn’t come into it.

I just tested, and playing a Casual PvP match reset it to the correct number, so I guess it doesn’t have to be Ranked.

As for what triggers the 0, it seems to be 0 more often than not, when I look at it. I do have a vague inkling that the pre-Tribute loading pause may trigger the problem. However, I may simply be remembering an earlier bug that was triggered by that.