PVP - one or two trophies?


Is there a definitive formula to determine whether an invade/defend win is worth one or two trophies?

Clearly it is an indicator that the match is more difficult/worthy of more reward, but is it based on:

  • who has more legendaries/epics
  • who has better levelled troops
  • current PVP rank
  • something else
  • a combination of things

I seem to see fewer 2 trophy matches when I’m at PVP rank 1, but then I’ve seen two trophy matches when my PVP rank was pretty close to the opponent’s.


It is based solely on pvp rank. If you defeat someone with a higher rank, you win +2 trophies.
Equal or lower is +1.


What Dhjl-sama said.


Even when I beat lev 1000 I still only get one trophy.


Something to note on defends is it seems to be based on their rank when you were attacked.

For example if you were rank 10 when you were attacked by a rank 15 you would be left with a defend option against them worth one trophy which would make sense if you saw the defend option immediately. However by the time you process that defend they might have progressed to rank 5. You would still only get one trophy for that defend. At least that is how it seems to me as I notice the discrepency much more when I am processing older defends rather than recent ones.



With the pvp rank we meant that thing that resets to 15 each monday! :smiley:


oic :smile: