PvP is fine

If you believe that Stellarix, WOS and Elementalist are all overpowered, they why did you wait until AFTER the 7.4 update release to complain about them? Why didn’t you complain about them as soon as they were all in the game?

This shows that PVP itself needs to be adjusted, NOT Stellarix/WOS/Elementalist.

At this point, it’s quite obvious that none of us are going to get you to change your mind, therefore I have nothing else to say to you. Ignored.


Elementalist has been reported since introduction. Now we’ve got a fresh thing to complain about. Not a big deal, getting ignored by gamedesigner isn’t breaking news anyway.

The core is payable gamers!

And a minority will always be only the minority.

PvP has been some manner of broken for the entire 6 years I have been playing this game. I think the big mistake was the design decision of putting actual rewards into pvp. Before that happened, no one cared enough to try to mess up the rest of the game to “save” pvp.

Most of us are NOT saying pvp is fine. We just do no think pvp is the entire game and shouldn’t IMPACT the entire game. We have also seen, over time, that the nerfs people are crying for, NEVER help. Ever. All they do is make the rest of the game worse. Some clever player will find a new combo to torture everyone with in pvp, the masses will copy that, and the cycle will just repeat.

I think the only time everyone was more or less happy with pvp was the period of time between 7.3 and 7.4. It was also broken (no heroes, weird scoring) but in terms of playing, people seemed to be having a blast with it.

Anyway, the point is simply… fix the pvp mode, itself. Don’t mess with things that people had no issue with before pvp got wrecked.


I’ve played with breaks since launch, and there was ONE point in time that PVP was fun, and it’s not about PVP impacting the game, its PVP impacting the fun. Every activity should be fun in a game as much as it can be. PVP was fun after last rework, before devs “fixed” it and it went straight to be way worse than it used to be. Simple as that. I’ve played more fun teams between rework and “fix” than all those years + after “fix” combined. And still no words what their plan is, do they even consider going back to fun state, or fun robbing is completely final and all the hope people have is false and we can just gtfo.

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There is still that fun thing you mention in the game freely available for anybody to play until the cows come home. It is called Explore.

For anybody who doesn’t know, there you can use any fun team you might come up with against four randomly chosen troops and there are no enemy hero on the field - exactly what you found so much fun during bugged PvP before 7.4 patch. Not a single meaningful difference between the two, only some minor technicalities like reward pool and similar.

Yes, there are issues with current PvP rendition - removing player set defense teams, for one, was a truly dumb idea; anybody could see from miles away where it would lead to.
Not enforcing outer ring restrictions is another misstep, it hurts more than helps and is the reason, for example, why I barely touch those places - it’s not that I find it impossible to play and win there, it’s that I find it stupid facing stuff that shouldn’t even be present there.
Killing off casual wasn’t a blessing either.

Using explore state for a fix, however, is not the way to go. In that case, they might just as well remove PvP entirely as there would be no reason for it to exist.


looks like someone spelled “dumpster fire” wrong. :rofl:

PvP brown blood frenzy today


Czernobog or flaming oni

Smashes all the Stella teams.


I agree. 7.3 pvp was the most fun that I’ve had in GoW in a long time. It was not really pvp, though. It’s still not really pvp, and will never be really pvp… but 7.3 wasn’t even pv-almost p. :laughing: But it was fun and if you were willing to grind, rewarding.


It’s not the same thing, but you know that. I wish everyone would quit pretending that it is. In explore you don’t see the same restrictions on the opposing teams (colors, troop types) and in explore you have no restrictions on your own teams. The restrictions are a big part of the fun. The reward potential is vastly inferior and you can only earn single class exp and no glory.

Pvp does NOT EXIST in GOW. It never has. It’s just PVE using a player composed enemy team and player stats. Does that mean we should go back to fighting computer randomized teams in pvp? Not necessarily. It just means we need to let go of the idea that hero/weapon makes it pvp. It does not.

Ya… the restriction enforcement is inconsistent for weapons and non-existent for classes. That definitely does not help.

Call me a pessimist but I think if they let us set defenders we would still see a lot of griefer defenses. But yes. We would at least have a chance to see other teams.

ok lets just do that then. Because there is already no reason for it (actually anything in the game) to exist. But sticking with pvp… It is not really pvp anyway, so chuck it. We already face player chosen enemy teams in guild wars (which they could bring back if they axe pvp), we also face player chosen teams in arena. How many areas of the game need to involve player chosen enemy teams before we can say it is redundant?

Again… I don’t really want pvp to lose what people like yourself think is important. That is, the player created enemy teams. But I’d much rather they do that than start butchering up the rest of the game, trying to fix things.

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Fixing a couple of unbalanced cards == butchering the game up. Must be new meaning of words, I see.

Sorry but imagine going back to old PvP

And seeing

4 bombs
Leonis tower, enraged krandara teams

Non stop.

It’s a no from me :rofl:

Just to preempt people saying, all you see is Stella teams
That’s a lie, change the region. Cheers.

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Nice rant, I give you props for that.

However, your shtick of making it seem like you’re the only one in the world who knows what PvP in Gems of War stands for and everybody else truly believes it to be a real-time-person-to-person interaction is getting old.

And all I read was pointing out minor discrepancies in fonts and whatnot, not a single word about why the two are not the same thing and why one is fun but the other is not.

And this…

Point me out to where it says that one is forbidden to use restricted teams in Explore?
If somebody simply cannot do it without some outside entity forcing one’s hand, well…then one is simply too lazy to have fun, if we put it mildly.

By the way,

Guild Wars, you mention previously, is PvP - it’s not really a different area.
And are you sure that Arena uses player made teams? In the olden weapon-included days enemy team was a Hero with three random troops, not the ones said player had actually chosen. I don’t know how it works in the current system - sounds unbelievable, but I haven’t faced any player I know so there was no opportunity to ask whether their team I faced was their team they chose. (Not to mention the slight issue that player composed team of a small random troop pool where team building ability is even further hampered by not seeing the entire selection at once doesn’t sound like particularly sound ground to stand upon.)
So…that leaves us with a grand total of 1 (one) area where it’s certainly possible to face player created teams. Your fears of oversaturation seem quite unfounded at the moment.

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on second thought. not even worth it


I think they want the 7.3 version, not the previous. I think.

I like fighting Stella teams. lol Always a fast fight. But you are correct, pick a kingdom or troop restricted area to avoid Stella.

I’ve seen 1 bombs team per 1000 fights, idk what you talking about
Tower defense was also rather 1/10.
And I had multiple options to work with, freely switching between them anytime I like.
Ah, those were times, indeed. Much much much less luck-based fights.

Yes I see one Stella wand fight every thousand to mate.

nothing wrong here, come along, 1/1000 chance 3x times

Sorry I can move my fingers
I change regions

Why not try, I can easily avoid Stella wand elementalist Takshaka constantly just by moving my joypad.