PVP Battle Loading Issues Compensation (PC/Mobile)

Ahoy, adventurers!There was an issue affecting PC/Mobile where some PVP and Guild Wars battles weren’t loading. We have already implemented a fix for this, and you can read more about it and the issue here.

We will be sending out some global compensation to our PC/Mobile players to apologise for this issue. This mail will be going out next week, as we don’t want to send it out before the weekend in case there are any complications. So please sit tight, and we will update this thread when we start rolling it out. As this issue did not affect console, the compensation will only be sent out to our PC and Mobile players.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


This is greatly appreciated, Salty! Many of use are fully cognizant that you and the rest of the development team have a deep love for the game you have given us. There are always frustrations when a new update goes live as unexpected glitches often manifest. That being said, it is regrettable that you and your team are often the target of vitriol. Please keep in mind that the vast majority of negative comments do come from a place of deep love for this game. As paradoxical as it may seem, there would be very little negativity if your game was sub-standard.
Please keep up the great work!!


Thank you @Makkon. This warmed my heart. <3

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HELP! Game doesn’t load at all for anyone I my guild now! PC or iOS!


Lots of the internet is unreachable right now. This has nothing to do with GoW, it’s just as screwed as everything else is.


As if we have a choice :rofl:
Are we gonna compensated for GW losses as well?

Hahahahaha. No.

But really, to many people could claim they lost a fight because of the issues, i dont think that can really be checked, so its not something good for compensation. Because what would they give us for that?

Thank you, but not necessary. I am able to finish my dailies, so I am happy

We have sent out compensation to players on PC and mobile affected by the PVP (arena, Guild Wars, PVP) battle loading issues that occurred on the 29th August (AEST), it will be sent in the in-game mail.


What a generous gift.