PvP battle counted as a challenge

I came across a Draakulis and 3x Humility worth almost 2k base gold and 64 PvP points after I won I got 126 gold and 0 trophies and when I clicked through everything I got the casket of souls you get when you do a challenge. It’s also not showing up on my battle log.

This was the fight I was doing

As you can see I was getting challenge rewards but challenges don’t have heros or peoples names on the victory screen

This is an actual challenge victory screen

I had that kind of error a while ago. Not sure if it was related with server migration that time.

I’ve noticed it happened once in a while but not as often as the legendary “this battle seems has finished” error.

This is a known issue that we have put inn the 3.0 known issues thread. 3.0 Known Issues

It’s currently under investigation. If it starts happening more frequently please let us know.