Puzzle Quest The Legend Returns Review Collection

Reviews are looking very favorable nice job IP2.




This makes me want a Switch!

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I love my Nintendo Switch. It’s the best, and mosed used, console I’ve ever owned.

PS4 release?

I pre-ordered the game on my Switch, I’m super excited to play this all the weekend long.

Switch exclusive at this time to my knowledge

I’ll trade you a next gen Xbox for mine. (Mine just collects dust.) :wink:

Would that come out on mobiles as well? I remember PQ2 been out on mobile too, so maybe maybe…

You should consider trading it in, or reselling it. Plenty of folks would love to take it off your hands.

I’d lose too much money in a realistic resale. Since I got it day 1, my model has lost substantial value now due to the new model.
I still have hope that Switch and mobile will eventually be cross play for GoW.
Otherwise, the Switch will be readily more used if/when GoW goes offline and Xbox Ultimate no longer costs me $1-$2 a month.
But yeah if someone was willing to give me $500-$600 for my Switch. I’d be a fool not to do that deal. (Which is what I jokingly offered )

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I can get a switch used for $200 or less easily

Hence the joke… Lol

The PQ remaster is a Switch exclusive.

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Great to see the PQ remaster earning critical acclaim once more!

/looks at reviews
/sees class list
/sees “Very Hard” difficulty character class

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention…



That’s very sad to hear.
Why do you ignore the PC releases? Why we don’t exist for you?

Best buy has them.


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Fail! Epic! :tired_face:

Im gonna boycott PQ not being on PC, by eating pizza all week!

Any plans for a limited Puzzle Quest edition of Switch ? :wink:

Worth the wait, it’s beautiful and a lot of fun.

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