Puzzle Quest - The Legend Returns for Nintendo Switch $7.49!

Looks like a Black Friday special act fast.


I had that on my Nintendo DS… it was hard.

Puzzle Quest is a good game, but you can keep Galactrix on the Nintendo DS. Please don’t subject anyone else to the nightmare of the hacking minigame.

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I got Galactrix for PC shortly after it released, played like 20 minutes, and never touched it again. It just didn’t have the “Puzzle Quest” spirit for me.

Meanwhile I’ve purchased the original Puzzle Quest three times, and I’ve installed the mod to get the Plague Lord expansion (found it on Steam).

PQ could be a fun one to have on the Switch but with how little I actually play on it I don’t see the value in buying a fourth copy.

I have the 360 version. I hacked every. Single. LeapGate.


  • ALL! OF! THEM!
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I have this on my wishlist. Played it on NDS a lot. Great game.
I’ll buy it now and when Legendary Task Cut hits Switch I’ll probably play this instead.