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Put a limit to the trolls

Hi everybody !

I think it’s time to realize that the trolls have the same efficiency problem than Bone Dragon had.
Their spell is clearly too powerful when there is already a substantial amount of the gem color they create on the board.
Those guys can create too much gems, like Bone Dragon was able to do.
I don’t think that letting in game troops that can fill all a team in one cast is good for the balance of the game.

I suggest to put a limit on how many gems they can create, like you did for Bone Dragon.
And maybe such a limit should be always add when you develop a gem creating troop.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day.

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Hope that never will happen. Trolls is somewhat fun and unique now, please, dont make them useless with the same nerf BD had.


Dropped by expecting a new forum feature “Troll Post” so the community can tag posts as a Troll Post (like “Likes” but a troll silhouette) and was wondering what the limit of Troll Posts per day would be…


I love the trolls :grin::sweat_smile:!


The problem with limiting the Trolls was that until they got the +4 gems added to them no-one really used them. Limiting the amount of gems they can create would likely send them back there.

They are slightly different to Bone Dragon’s case. BD created skulls based on opponents Armor, and at high levels this was ALWAYS an amount large enough to mostly fill the board with skull. While Trolls on the other hand are entirely dependent on there being a critical mass of their one colour on the board. If there is only 1 green gem on the board then Forest Troll would only create 5 gems. (1+1+4)


I think te issue isn’t te trolls themselves, it’s the surges on +4 matches now.


When was that changed? I know it was recent because of people talking about it.

May explain why everything seems to fill up so much faster.

Several months ago, with the 3.0.5 patch. Official communication is that 4-matches not surging was actually an undocumented bug that just took a few years to fix.

I was going to make this thread. They’re just too good at what they do. Nerf something. Shave the extra gems down to two, or increase the mana cost by 1-2, something.

Or increase their costs by 3 and give them all something to match Dark Troll. The fact that Dark has another effect and they don’t is stupid, for a troop set.

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Talking as someone who would like to loop with trolls, nope. My trolls aren’t prone to fill the board with gems. I need at least 10 gems of their color to have a chance to get a second turn.
The AI trolls, on the other side, maybe do. I don’t see too many loop defences.

What does Dark Troll have that’s so peculiar? Apart giving Souls, of course, and that’s why I’d like him to loop and not to die. :sunglasses: