Pustelnia - (top 60 guild) recruiting active players

At first -> We are NOT a progress Guild!!!

We look for some active Players that are able to reach PvP Tier 1 every week. We don’t want you to grind several hours every week to reach some very high stats, we want you to have fun while playing and contribute your efforts to the guild!

Level 100++ Players with maxed out Kingdoms preferred - but not mandatory…

Minimum requirements per week:
donate around 100k Gold
collect 650+ Seals
earn 100+ Trophies

These are the minimum values that you should be able to cover - if you are not able to donate this amount of Gold (because of maxing out Kingdoms), you can collect more Seals and Trophies as a substitute.

If someone is underperforming 2 weeks in a row, he will be replaced by someone new^^
On every Monday there is the possibility that we want to replace one of the members that have underperformed the last two weeks.

The goals can be achieved easily if you do PvP until Tier 1, they are really not this high…

What we can offer:
Mana Bonus 60+ to all colors
4 Star Guild Chest (20k Seals) every week
Discord Server as central communication Tool
lots of Keys, Souls and Gems :wink:

If you are interested, please contact us!

Thank you

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This is a great guild to be a part of. CAN NOT say enough about this guild’s dedication and kindness. This coming from an Ex member that left ONLY because of personal issues.

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I’m interested in Joining, I have been log time member of Gems of War and play both PC and PS4. I’m currently in the #! Guild in PS4.

Perfect, what is your invite code?



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Hey-)invite pls-) my code kartene 1

Kartene 1 and kartene1 don’t exist

kartene is already in a guild.

If you want to join us, you must leave your guild first


does not exist

= (

i don’t know…mb kartene_1 but it is written KARTENE 1 Xd-)

Hi. I’m interested in joining as well. Fairly new player, but on often. Level 67/10 Archer.

Kartene, welcome!

Dethwish, i need your invite code

Oops sorry. Invite code is DETHWISH

Done! Welcome!

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I would like an invite
Code: 24:23

Done, welcome!!!

My invite code is THELIZZAH

Done, welcome!

3 vacant spots yet!

Hello, I would like to join your guild.
My Invite code is DOSMAN_9