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Pustelnia - (rank 60) 1 spot available

One space available for an active player in a guild of a very friendly group of people.

+37 to all masteries, currently rank 60.

Prefer a mature person, only requesting that you are active within the guild (no donation/trophy quota will ever be in place). I would prefer you save your gold to increase kingdom levels as a priority.

Before posting your invite code, please be free of a guild to accept invitation if you are interested.

Thank you

aww your guild is just like mine except i prefer them to goto higher guilds than mine when they have grown.

Well the only people that create spaces in our guild are those that find themselves leaving GoW altogether. We have a very lenient policy of allowing 14days away from the game prior to removal from our guild list, so I don’t have your experience of having people leave to find another guild to go to.

Seems a strange way to operate, but each to his own.

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14 days is generous? i give 31 days with no battles or activity. If things progress i will be opening up 4 more spots.

@killerman3333 Haha, yes… 14days offline before a guild kick for a top 100 guild is MORE than generous. I think you might be comparing two quite different ranks of guild there.

Still one spot available for an active player in guild, please leave invite code if you wish to join.

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oh ok your in top 100 so yes 14 days is very generous. my guild is almost to top 1000 so yes our guilds are very different. my apologizes.

i would accept that invite

@rustyw02, you would need to leave the guild you are in if you would like an invite to ours.

Is the spot still available

Yes, space still open @Boxergal57.

If you do leave your invite code, could you please leave guild before responding?

Going offline for a while @Boxergal57, I’ve sent an invite to the code that is the same as your forum name, so if you see this you should be able to join.

If I have the wrong code, reply with the correct one and I will invite.

See you in-game.

Still a spot open?

Haha, I just responded to your post.

Yes, spot still available mate.

Please be free of guild and post your invite code if you’re ready to join up


Is the spot still available in your guild?