Pure Faction

I have a few questions about the level 500 pure faction, 1, Is there a special reward for during level 500 pure faction?, 2 If I fail(whichI did ,lol) can I do the level over again and still receive the reward (if there is any)? Thank you in advance for any response.

Sort of, you get max renown in the pure faction scoring category of that faction. You need to get max renown in all four scoring categories to receive enough copies of the faction pet to be able to upgrade it to mythic. You also eventually need to reach various renown thresholds, up to max possible, to qualify for kingdom power levels.

Yes, you can retry as often as you want.


Adding to this:
In case it wasn’t clear, you do not need to accomplish all 3 of faction requirements at the same time. You can complete a 500 faction run, then a pure 500 faction run and later try for a run where you don’t lose any troops. You can, however, complete all 3 at the same time by winning a 500 pure faction run without losing any troops on the first try.