Pure Faction Teams

Does anyone have a list of recommended Pure Faction Teams for each delve?

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Here is a good chart!


Thank You. Done everything else in delves except pure faction, might as well get to work on that.

There is also a discord channel with teams and strats for delves called Gems of War Factions. Someone techier than me may be able to post a link.

@JoyBear Gems of War Factions

I don’t know if it helps you, but if you’ve got a lot of pets maxed out it may be more beneficial to do a pure faction run with 1 each of the faction troops because you’ll get a lot of kingdom and troop type bonuses off the pets.

It sounds like you’ve already done most of the delves to level 500, but it is also advisable to at least do 1 pure faction run at level 300 so you can get your faction pet to legendary for the level 500 pure faction run. That’ll also give a small bump to stats, which can certainly make a difference.