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Pure Faction Delve Difficulty - What is expected to pass?

I’ve been trying for quite some time to pass the Dark Pits 500 pure faction. I’m running 3x Medal of Nysha with Sledgepaw, Plague Rat, Hex Rat, Hex Rat. I’ve got horde level 200. I have Mists of Scale at level 15. I’ve got the campaign artifact at level 10.

While I do occasionally make it to the final battle, I have yet to make it their with my team in tact. Sledgepaw’s the only troop with any skull damage reduction and he still dies in a few hits. Most of the time if I make it to the final fight, I’ve got only the two hex rats remaining and they die quickly.

What’s the expectation here? Are these only supposed to be doable if I pour a lot of gems into potions and the many hours to grind to 500 on a Tuesday? I don’t see myself having much more in the way of stats to pass this delve. I’m employed and not interested in the hours it’d take to pull this off on a Tuesday, let alone the gem cost.

I think this is a question for the devs, who are unlikely to give you a reply I’m afraid :frowning:

TBH, I don’t think we’re expected to be able to do every pure faction outside of events. With some factions it’s doable, while with others it requires immense amounts of luck.

If you take a look at kingdom level bonuses, there’s a +25% faction hoard stats at level 17 and 19. These levels are not realistically achievable at the moment, but they’re there, waiting. And there might be more in the pipeline later on that will help with pure faction runs. For the moment, I feel like they’re not in a rush to make it any more achievable. A year or two down the line, they might go “well, we expect you to get all your kingdoms to power level 20, upgrade the faction kingdom to lvl 19, gold medal the faction troops, get hoard to lvl 300, have all guild tasks done, max campaign artifact, do this other thing we’ve added recently and then it should be no problem!” :sweat_smile:

Personally, if I can’t do it on release weekend, I just give up. It’s not worth the frustration. Good luck to you if you’ll keep trying! :slight_smile:

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I’ve managed to pass a few that I wasn’t able to do on release weekend, but some like Dark Pits are certainly blocking me. Maybe it’ll be doable a few years from now!

Courtesy of TimeKnight in the 1900+ post-long delve strategy thread. About post 1860~. Now I’ve personally done all of the ones in the “easy” and “medium” difficulty sections here with only hoard level 100. Dark Pits is one of the hardest to do. image


Thanks for this. Gives me an idea of where I might want to focus. I have most of them done, but unfortunately. Dark Pits and Fang Moor are two of the remaining ones.

Xolid gave a detailed breakdown of his Dark Pits run, post 1550 in that thread (1573 if typing it in up top…I don’t search posts well).

I think top route is easier depending on rooms, but some of my runs failed in 1st room…

It might also be one of the very few factions where you would be best-served with Orpheus medals.

Cuts down on death mark bull :poop: and extra damage from being cursed.

I’ve tried that, but found I had better luck adding 12 magic to get kills in one less cast. May have to go back to orpheus in the future.

Thanks for posting the chart.

Good luck. :grinning:

As @ChunkyMono says post 1550 in the delve thread.

I did it at 160 with 2 Orpheus/Anu. Those cleanses really help.

You are not going to get past the Tier V room unless you want to spend more hoard. None are easy.

I ran Silver Necropolis banner.

Ideally Rattigar should go first but he is 2 skull hits from gone. Sledgepaw can last 3, maybe 4 if you avoid a 4th hit while he regens. So I eventually decided to scrap cursing on skulls and have the armoured that Sledgepaw provides.

I basically did this, fill both Rats if I could - with Sledge full. Or 1 Rat is full, another is 1 or 2 mana away.

You may have Rattigar full early. You may get a lucky curse on the top two troops but tbh I think I sat him TIL I cast Rats first time.

Cast Sledge to curse top enemy, fire both Rats if full at top enemy. Now cast Rattigar he may give you a lucky curse or death mark around the top or second slot, or entangle. If he curses fire at the target if you can. Take purple all the time, keep casting Hex Rats.

You win this faction by hitting on cursed foes - have to be quick as they cleanse. If they have cleansed, go back to Sledge on top troop, then hit it etc, you can get down to the last one.

You also win by cleansing curse (and death mark) on you at the final room.

12 magic is useless vs being cursed as their Hex Rat is 2 shots on a cursed target.

Good luck :grinning:


Unfortunately some of the factions really rely on potions (tier 7 x10 at least) to be able to get through. If you can save up the gems and just do only the rooms required to reach the boss room it should only take approx 2-3 hours on a Tuesday. The other option is to spend insane amounts of treasures and gold boosting your hoard to about 300 and use daily attempts. Or I suppose just wait several years and your kingdom hoard bonus will be 100%.

Personally I recommend option 1, it will cost you about 3000 gems and 2-3 hours. I know you said you don’t like this option but really is the best solution.

It’d be nice if the Tuesday event had an option to pick up from our current levels so I could just drop the gems and do it. Those hours of running up to 500 again really aren’t fun.

I’ve been bullying past the Tier V room. I’ll have to try to the top route instead.

May not be fun but you do get a lot of resources back from those 2-3 hours on a Tuesday including thousands of shards and gold etc. A failed run using daily attempts can take 20-30 minutes or more and you earn no resources at all for your trouble. Also if you add up all those failed runs together it’s a lot more than 3 hours I bet.