Psion eats purple mana

My Invasion team is Psion (fully traited), Cauldron, War and The Silent One. I was expecting that if Psion’s mana was full, War would get any purple mana. However, that is not happening. It looks as though purple mana is going to Psion, even though it does not need any more. Perhaps this is related to Psion’s first trait, “Gain bonus purple mana from purple gem matches”. Is this eating of purple mana expected behavior?

War uses blue, brown and red mana. If Psion was full, no one else would use the mana.


The bonus Mana traits are just adding +1 Mana of the specified color per match, like banners do.

Dang. I always find it hard to tell the difference between purple and brown on the little mana symbols. My apologies for cluttering up the list.

Thanks for your help.

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