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PSA: Ingots are NOT actually in chests until the new patch regardless of chest pics

The devs decided it’d be cool to go ahead and update the chest graphics to say they drop ingots today. They don’t. I’m pretty sure dozens of you have already spent all your keys in excitement.

File a support ticket to get your keys back.

It might also be against the relevant software store guidelines to advertise loot crate-style content that doesn’t drop. That’s probably not a good precedent to start.

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Yeah, you wanna know why? The patch isn’t OUT yet.


3.5 isn’t live yet.

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Its not live yet. :roll_eyes:

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You guys are making funny faces but I guarantee you before the patch releases there’ll be at least 3 different bug reports about spending thousands of keys.

We all make mistakes. That I get. It’s just, someone hasn’t pushed the “Release 3.5” button.

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They are releasing bits and pieces at a time

Stop acting like a newb because you’re not.

Eggnogs are dropping like flies though


OK, since you’re being willfully obtuse, I’ll explain it using simple words.

“PSA” stands for “Public Service Announcement”. Governments and other official bodies make them when there is something important dumb people should know.

So the purpose of this thread wasn’t “I just wasted all of my keys”. Ask your favorite adult to read it to you and they’ll point out I didn’t say I spent any keys at all. They will help you understand I meant to point out the game is indicating something (“Ingots are in Gem chests”) that isn’t true yet, and people should be aware it isn’t true.

I’m also “throwing shade” as the children say because it’s dishonest that the devs have pushed this display so far. People get plenty pissed when event keys display the wrong troop, but apparently “everyone knows” not to trust the game’s displays for once.


You seem to get upset too often over literally nothing.

You seem exceptionally concerned with informing me how I should behave, mom.

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So look like only gems chest will rewards ingots?

Well, event keys still say “and other valuable items” so they might come from those too. But so far Gem Chests are the only things that say they drop ingots.

You never know, they might have adjusted the Treasure Hunt table to include some of the new resources (like Ingots), after hundreds and hundreds of requests to update TH for a few years. /JK :yum:


Lol i like your enthousiasm :slight_smile:

Salty briefly talk about forge so maybe we will be able to forge them

Yes, with other ingots lol.

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Title fixed for clarity.

I’m pretty sure the title before was: “PSA: Ingots are not in chests, don’t waste your dang keys”.

How is a title so long it has to be truncated more clear?