PSA about Bad Advice

Unless you’re 100% sure on how something works in Gems of War. Please don’t advise other folks on it.
Such as…
Color does NOT matter for guild wars defense.
The color team bonus points only applies to offense.

( @Cyrup having a disclaimer at the bottom of the guild wars schedule would probably help avoid confusion as well.)


It’s always funny to me in global chat watching a level 200 player giving advice to a level 10 player and it’s some of the dumbest you’ve ever heard
I just mind my own business n laugh

Thing is most people don’t know what they don’t know.

It’s not like there’s a place that encapsulates all of the rules and explains them. Sometimes they change things and don’t announce it. Other times what the devs write in the ability text and what they write in the game code aren’t the same thing.

Trust no one. Trust nothing.

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I’d say to trust me but I haven’t been in Global in like… four years? SO… catch me if you can?

Most players ignore the infotext with 12k bonus points on the defenses already. I don’t think, that a additional disclaimer will change anything on that. Players just want to play and not read a roman before they do. That’s why many players complain about the tutorials.

Because I fought vigorously for those tutorials to exist. Prior, the game provided little to no education on how to play GoW. Players relied on word of mouth 100%. Which can be an issue. Specially when misinformation can be spread so easily.

You never base a decision on those who choose to be ignorant or that simply don’t care. If they don’t want to read then no one is making them. I don’t like to read books, but I certainly don’t go around burning books to prevent others from reading. Nor do I complain to publishers about making books.

There’s not a single tutorial in Gems of War that’s excessive in anyway. So if anyone is actually annoyed by them… Then please… come…@…me…bro.
Otherwise, I’ll just chalk it up to the simple fact that you can’t please everyone.