[PS4] Watchtower is recruiting, all basic/epic tasks complete weekly, bracket 2

Requirements changing, will update post soon.

Funny that because I was a member of your guild in December 2019 and you kicked me out on Boxing day! yeah cheers for that one!

Hi Kolyimmd,

Sorry to hear that. I don’t kick players and I don’t recognize your name, so I can’t comment on your situation. In general, players only get kicked if they miss targets for multiple weeks in a row without posting in chat to let us know what’s up. If you missed targets your first week you might have been bumped if we needed a spot - but again, I don’t know.

In your other thread from today you mention being kicked from 11 guilds in the last few months, so I guess I’ll just say that I don’t think our policy is unusual or unreasonable. I hope you land in an awesome guild that works for your playstyle.