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PS4 The problem with obtaining trophies A Whole New (Under) World and Die Another Day, in the new update 4.0

Hello, I have been playing your PS4 game for a long time and with pleasure, and not when I did not encounter any problems in getting the trophies, but in the new update I could not get two trophies by fulfilling all the conditions for their receipt A Whole New (Under) World and Die Another Day, my name in the game ejik 25 kolychka, I ask you to help me, thank you.IMG_20180905_230432 IMG_20180905_230404 IMG_20180905_230355

Hi, same issue for me and my guild mates (PS4).

Hi, same for me (ps4).

Hi everyone, if you’re having an issue with A Whole New (Under)World achievement/trophy, could you please send a ticket to our support center :slight_smile: