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Ps4 servers are down and slow again.... it must be the weekend!

Well the weekend has arrived and you know what that brings!

Ps4 getting hit early this week. Usually our servers get hit last.


Enjoy. :laughing::+1::+1:

Good luck dev team and let’s hope this is fixed before Sunday.

Please and thank you.

Good day.


I can only assume the hamster isn’t fed at weekends, weekdays only :-1:



But wait a minute. @Saltypatra, @Ozball, @Cyrup, @Kafka, is anyone around now to check in or is this just the new “thing” these days with more and more being added and more players joining?

Too much going on In game?

Tbf most of the time when the servers go a bit doolally, i do most of the time get ‘apology’ rewards. Today i got 20000 gold and other resources, which was nice as im currently in the process of saving up money for the team synergy trophy on PS4.


Well I guess it’s time to dust off some other games for a bit.

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It’s worse than last weekend. Good luck, devs.

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Can’t play at all wasn’t even able to get on for a couple hours finally did get on and first game…error

Sigh… Server problems again.
And yet we shouldn’t even DARE to suggest possible changes on the devs working hours to have some people at the office during weekends. :roll_eyes:


So it is more than just the ps4 affected by this servers I take it…

Asking devs to work on weekends sounds too much. Maybe a wild plain/gnoll rework is more feasible

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I had some issues at morning, but i think it was my own connection. I’m sympathetic over these issues no matter what plataform they occur and i have some special grievance because these issues keep happening every now and then…

The devs never, NEVER, try to prevent these problems, they always react to it and later people wonder: “Why, oh why? Woe is me… How can these people be so negative in the forums, why can’t they appreciate all the things they CAN’T ACCESS thanks to the server problems?”

Pure madness!!! :wink:


I’m in the game, on my iPad, finished all 20 stages of Bounty event, and all my guild wars battles…

No server issues here in Florida…

I did have problems earlier getting on Discord, but no problems all day playing Gems of War.

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Curiously i also had problems with Discord, maybe it’s related to that hurricane huh?

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No idea. It was annoying though.

Well maybe, just maybe, there is a chance that the communication with the servers is faulty thanks to this hurricane, but since we don’t have official word from the devs so far…

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This happens all the time on sundays for pc…
Where’s our compensation for the last 3 sundays it’s occured?

Servers were down for the whole weekend and this is equal??


I work in I.T. and have worked for several companies. Never once have I worked anywhere that did not have someone on call at all times.

And we didn’t even do weekend events.


I think if they are going to have the weekend events someone should be on stand by.

How is this even fair? Some get in while others can’t.

It seemed like last week it only took a few minutes once they were in the office…


Servers lasted a whole hour today. I thought we would be lucky… I thought wrong.



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