PS4 rank 3 guild recruiting


good morning, i wonder. there is still available place in your guild? i join couple of month ago a good guild, but day by day, less and less player are active.
im not the most active player, but i give at least 300k gold around every week, and play some pvp (best way too make gold :grinning:)
but i prefer say just in case. i wont be there in july probebly. back one month in my country.
just in case you say yes, my code is buggyleclown.
have a good day


Hi, you are most welcome to join our guild, you will just need to leave your current guild before I can send an invite.


nice!! i leave my guild now, and ill wait your invitation, see you soon!!


1 place available :sunglasses:


1 place available :wink:


Bumped as a fellow respected guild leader.


One place available :sunglasses:


I’d join you in a heartbeat if I wasn’t GL. Fantastic opportunity for someone here.


2 places available :star:


i’d like to join if there’s room


Hey. I’ll PM you.


One place still available :wink:


Why won’t you join the leaderboards?are you letting me take first for invasions?

Bump it up, gra is good!


Good job last week with 2 down gra. Your a beast with 30members.


@Graeme is a solid gm who leads by example and the guild is a great team from top to bottom. Consistently strong in gw and easy mins to pull off for active players. Come get in now to be a part of one of the best.


2 places available :star:


1 spot available now :wink:


Great guild. Highly recommended! :wink:


Graeme already has someone in line.

Also, we’re rank 4 now :slight_smile: title needs updading.


Done :slight_smile: Anyone else interested can join the waiting list for now though.