PS4 rank 3 guild recruiting


@Halflax, Just sent him an invite. Enjoy your day :smile:



I am interested of joining. New player making my way up in ranking.

Code: Eduardo_ZZJY



@Brythefry, Hi, you are most welcome to join. :smile:I just sent you an invite.


Hey I’ve been playing a lot lately and I’m looking to join a guild if you have room
Code: COOP_7y7v


@Nickcoop35, Yup, we still have room :smile:Just sent you an invite code


Hey thanks a lot! I’ll finish one of the guilds tasks just let me know which one you want done


@Nickcoop35, No problem, thanks for joining. Personally I prefer gems>keys>tokens for tasks, but don’t feel like you have to donate all your gold if you want to upgrade kingdoms too.


Hi, I’d be very interested in joining your guild! I’m level 78, always get up to rank 1 in weekly events and try to play the Arena once per day. Donating gold depends on how much I manage to earn in a week and I’m currently leveling up kingdoms as well, but I try to contribute as much as I can.

Let me know if I can join, then I’ll leave my current guild and send you my invite code ^^


@Flashes-of-Cold, Hi, you are most welcome to join our guild. We have plenty of active members and still room for a few more.


If there is still room I’d like a invite, gaiaxxvii_cvpg


@Dom, Yup, still got a few more spots to fill, just sent you an invite :smile:


Where in a game I go to accept it?


Nvm I see it


Super : ) thank you!
My invite code is FLASHES-OF-COLD_UUUU


@Flashes-of-Cold, Thanks :smile: Just sent you an invite.


Yo, I logged in today and Im no longer in the guild. What happened?

Its not because I havnt been donating much is it? Ive been saving up for kingdom upgrades.


@Shade667, Yeah sorry, I just noticed that you hadn’t really contributed anything much, 5k in total I believe. Fair enough that you also need gold for kingdom upgrades, but I kind of expect people to donate to the tasks too. Just isn’t fair on others who are regularly donating.


Ive been practicing for a tournament thats in a few weeks so I havnt had alot of spare time to play (This game is very slow).
I only get around 2k gold per day (500 or so per PvP match win) and i was levelling up to rank 9 in my kingdom which took about 6 days, then the last 2 days I started donating again. Ive definately donated more than 5k though total.

I feel it was unfair to not contact me first. Im a regular lurker on this forum.

If u wanna invite me again my invite code is still the same.


I feel cheated and lied to.
The opening post even clearly states that you wouldnt kick for not contributing every day, and there was no ‘requirement’ for donating.

Like I said. You should have contacted me.


Hi im looking for an active guild to join my code is MEGABOSS_BQK3 thanks.