PS4 rank 3 guild recruiting


@NukeZero, Sorry if you feel your wife’s time was wasted. She told me she had sent me a message on PSN asking to join. For some reason I never received that but then replied to her message on global a few minutes later…


Anyway, moving on, still 1 place available for next week :wink:


1 place available next week :smile:


I’m not part of guild of gra but would like to say I’ve heard nothing but great things about the guild and it’s leader. A great opportunity for someone.


Do you fancy it? :yum::grin:
Seriously though, very little drama and a fantastic leader and a great creative bunch of players.
(oh and we’ve not had any low level people join so I have no idea what that person was talking about but you can’t expect to join an end game guild at level 300 odd, sorry pal)


@BRchell - it is all true :slight_smile: thanks for the kind words


Spot available in guild of gra in 12 days from this post. That’s 17 hours before the next gw begins and the point at which I’ll walk away from this game. Apply via pm or post below. Experienced, high level players preferred.


We have 3 spots Open.
We are handing over a copy of Clockwork Sphinx to whoever joins before Sunday.


bump !@#$%^&*()


I know it’s not Clockwork Sphinx, but at least it has a bonus this week.


looking for a guild KINGANDREI1990_SRDV


kingandrei, I sent you a PM.


Currently full but welcome prospective members to our waiting list :wink:


One place available :wink:


Great opportunity to join a great bracket 1 guild.