🌟 PS4 Misguided Misfits #7 Guild. |29/30|. Click for more info!

Misguided Misfits #7 Guild, Bracket 1 in GWs.
Is looking for high level active players that can meet the weekly requirements of the following…

  • 750,000 Gold

  • All seals done

  • 200 trophies

  • At least 40K GWs points, or close to that

  • We use all free event Sigils

All Weekly guild events are completed and are required!

What you’ll get when you join us…

  • Usually 50+ LT a week, or more :smirk:

  • A group of people who aren’t afraid to speak their minds

  • A friendly loving family that talks daily in group chat

  • If you need time off just let us know!

If you would like to know more, please message Blushing_Kiss, PenguinDizzy, Killscreen187 on PSN. Thanks-


1 spot open at the moment to fill with awesome people! :smiley: Easy Reqs if you’re active!! :slight_smile:

Once again we have an opening in Misguided Misfits for anyone that is interested!

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Looking for a few active players who can meet easy reqs, with great rewards! :grinning:

I’d be interested I’m in a slow guild troopers but I’m in top 20 PVP this week currently 12th I’d like to join a faster guild message me on fb if interested it’s brownyred on PSN

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Thanks for replying, brownyred. Someone from the guild will message you soon on PSN. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Messaged you on PSN @brownyred

Looking for an awesome player who can meet our easy reqs and likes having fun! :grinning: