Ps4 Lvl 324 player need active guild

I play daily, reach lvl 1 pvp each week, 1500 seals wk, in the last 7 days I gave 365,699 gold and 145 trophies to current guild (gladiators 29 rank) which I will be leaving after this post.
I really want an active guild where all members contribute so everyone benefits.

Invite code PANAPAUL_CBU1


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I’ve sent you a message.

Misguided misfits #3 in leader board… search an active player.
1500 seal
500k Gold
Every week complete all tasks
You are interested?

May I ask what specifically you are looking for guild wise?
ranked, semi serious, casual
only experienced players or mixture with newer as well

I run Corpsegrinders and we are quiet for the most part, but everyone contributes and when we get new members I like to make sure what that member wants is something our guild can help build too.

If you are interested please feel free to private message me on PS4 or join in the guild and I can message you
PS4: InfernoOfLilith
Guild: Corpsegrinders

Thank you kindly and the best of luck,

I’m with Winter Dragon, a casual guild. We’re looking for new players, and would be happy to have you. We’re not competitive; have no weekly requirements. Our top players generally donate 500000+ gold weekly, just because we enjoy the game. If you’re looking to just play, and not have weekly requirements, let me know and I’ll send you an invite.

Are you still looking?

I sent u an invite

Is worth bearing in mind that the original message was posted 2 years ago :wink: