PS4 guild - Shining Force 1 rank 5 recruite

Hi my Name isVanessa from the Guild Shining Force1. We are a glorius Guild in Gems of war. All 6 bonuses are safe every Week + many legendary tasks! The current Rank of the Guild is 5 in the hole World. We have a special philosophy, everyone in the Guild has to spend the same minimum contribution. That means our requirements are 520k Gold 1500 seals and 300 pokale weekly. If you are interessted in our strategy and want to be part of our successful Guild than send me a message. Thanky you!!!

Just a suggestion… Make sure to let people know what platform you play on😀

Good luck🍀

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Hi Mina. I recognize Shining Force and moved your post into the PS4 category. Best of luck with recruiting!

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So here a few infos to the gilde get the first 6 from the group 1 will stay up the others will then go down into the 2 group. Who ask has easy answer