PS4 Guild ,,Santa´s big gifts,, recruit active Players


Hej we are a new Guild and need some Top Players :smiley: .

Before you say ‘‘new Guild no thx’’ i must say we are 11 Top Players at the Moment most of them from Rank 1 Guild PewPew on Ps4. We had an nearly inactive Guildleader and we need some Challenge because 1th Rank since Release is boring.

So if you are a high active Player and want some Challenge pm me PSN Claussanta86 pls Level 100+ we are all between 150-500. and very active

(We donate much :wink: )


already 17 Players many 200+ and 300+ 20 Guildlevels in 1 Day need more good Players :smiley:


push 18 Players


One of us… one of us…


only 23/30 and close to Top 1000 after 3 Days need more high Active Players. You will get much Gems/Keys with Guildquest many 200-300+ with 150k+ Donate a Week ( from PewPew )

15~ were Top PewPew Players


push 24/30 already 2500 Trophys in 4 Days


4000 Trophys in 5 Days still need high active Players to climb the Ladder. We have 20 awsome Players many of them have already 200k Gold donate on Thursday


6500 Trophys after first Week Guildlevel 52 27/30 need more Top Players ( total donate this Week was 6-7 Mio) pm me Claussanta86


29/30 close to 10000 Trophys after 11 Days Guildlevel 66 need more Top Players tons of Keys /Gems guaranteed

PSN Claussanta86


28/30 11200 Trophys after 13 Days Guildlevel 74 need 2 more top Players many 200+ all high active