PS4 Gems of war remove +25% Skill bonus

Since the introduction of certain type of cards benefiting from 25% skill on a weekly rotation, now it has become pointless for a player to use his favourite team deck since the game literally forces a player to use the cards that benefit from these bonuses +25% skill bonus ,for PVP there is no other way to stay competitive unless you have the necessary card that benefit from this Bonus. Forced to play the same boring deck . This was the worse introduction in the game forgot about diversity …

That’s a load of bull. I never use the 25% bonus cards and I win my PvP just fine, last I checked I’ve won 40 straight battles playing everything from 7000 - 9600 and I’m only level 436.

Sounds to me like you need to work on your cards and find new stratagies. To be honest it’s nice to see these cards in play because it breaks up the routine battle when you seem to always encouter on PvP.


This was, er, the point of rotating events.

This is not true.

This make no sense. Diversity is not defined as ‘using your favourite deck in every match’.


So you telling me when you face a team with +25% skill to all cards its a fair match? Come on gtfo
Only reason you defending this is you benefit from this system they put into place.

Every week now you need to make sure have those cards that benefits from the +25% skill. If you think the 25% + to skill make the game balance , come face one of the team witch has this cards fully maxed (mythic)+ upgraded and on top of that +25% skill via a team that does not benefit from +25% skill you will see how you get teared, you not even on ps4…

I think what hes saying is, that he builds teams where 25% or 50% bonuses don’t really matter much and he still wins.

Also, you can take advantage of the 25% or 50% boosts and build teams with them if you like. This is what makes the game change and not become stale.

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The odds are against you vs a team with 25%-50% bonus fully upgraded, it breaks the game…

Just not true. I’ve played to level 1000+ on PC and level 200+ on PS4 and found the same in both cases: with tactics you can beat most things - the +25% etc stats rarely matters except when it lands on already strong or popular troop like Khorvash or Dragon Soul.

Loop teams are trivial to get going and will beat anything without Mab. If you are struggling against things just because numbers are a bit higher, it’s time to rethink strategy. There’s lots of help materials here on the forum, or if a particular opponent is tough, ask around here for advice.

I also moved this to the Gameplay Chat category. It’s hardly a support matter.



I would not have over 1200 win streak if these things mattered that much. Now you do have the ability to “skip” these teams if you truly wanted, so the option is always in your hand.

As Jainus said above, with looping teams, sometimes the opponent NEVER gets 1 turn, let alone enough to actually make a difference in winning. Work on infinite turn teams where you control the board.

I have to agree and disagree with you at the same time.
I share your opinion on the weekly event bonuses being bad for the game the way they are implemented right now, but for other reasons than you do:
A stacked 50% is just too much, and while it may guarantee a meta that shifts from week to week (guess what else could guarantee that, less lapses in troop balancing like the one with BD for over a year) it also has a high risk of that weekly meta to be even more toxic (see what i did there Scale Guard scum!?) than the stale meta that might have been before events.
50% creates monster troops and makes for a meta consisting of idiotic one trick pony superstat teams often consisting of just one or two different troops. And those teams are not well thought out, interesting, fun to fight nor do they deliver the feel of any more variety than the non-event stale meta used to.
In the best case scenarios the stacked 50% event bonuses create a meta of super buffed 150+ defense tanks you have to chew through, without a feel of any additional challenge but being a test of your patience.

However i disagree on you feeling forced to use these event troops in invades. Well designed teams with synergy still work perfectly fine and i’d argue are faster and a lot more fun than most event bonus driven team setups that lack this kind of synergy and are made to solely work over their raw event-buffed power.



The 25% bonus is barely noticeable. The 50% bonus is still easily beatable. There’s no real need to use Event troops at all.

What the 50% bonus does is make mildly aggravating troops into full-blown troll teams (see Bombots a couple of weeks ago or Scale Guard this week).


Stacked teams are there to cause agrivation. Not to annoy you but to challenge you. To give you something diffrent. To motivate you to change. I think to many people get caught up on the tributes and all they see is how overwhelming a deck looks. To be brutally honest, I haven’t found but only 1 card in all 300+ cards that was specficly designed with looping in mind and it sure is heck isn’t Mab. This card will stop any loop team dead in it’s tracks and the chance of recovering the match will be near impossible. As for Mab she’s worthless when pitted against a fully traited Guardian team.

By the time Mab gets fired up I usually will have my cards up to 100 to 150 attack points and just as much health to boot. At this point just call for skulls, usually takes 2 castings to get enough on the screen for the system to generate enough matches to kill 3 out of the 4 cards. Sometimes when your lucky you’ll kill all 4 cards in one shot.

Eitherway you look at it looping with a fully traited Guardian deck upto 150 attack points can take less than 2 mintues. Another 15 to 30 seconds to kill the AI, rinse and repeat.

The amount of valkrie, justice and mab teams still doing the rounds for people with no imagination or desire to help folks get event stones kinda blows your statement out of the water. 25% boost is not really a huge issue when you’re trying to get up that pvp ladder for the most part.
Use some different troops dude.

Not really, I fight teams with 2x my stats every week and have no problem maintaing a 75% win rate.

I really don’t understand why you feel your forced to use the weekly troops for Invading as opposed to your “favorite team”.

Perhaps the problem is not the +25%/+50% but team building in general and synergy within your favorite? What troops do you want to use?