PS4 Feature request to readd old features

Would you please add the logfile back into the game. Its nice to see when people come and go. A lot of times I’m left wondering who left or othertimes wow when did this person get added. Also its nice to know who changed the theme and or colors. Not everyone who has been given permissions to do so will speak up about their actions. The logfile has a way of making the even best liars extremely truthful about their actions.

Also could you add the last login info again. I don’t need to see up to the minute but hey it would be nice to see a green dot on the Roster page for those who were active in the last hour or two. Other than that it would be extremely helpful if the system kept track of how long a person hasn’t logged in by days. ie 1 day, 2 days, 14 days, 28 days and so on.

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Wasn’t that removed on purpose when they tried to get the chat functionality passed through console certification? IF so, and considering that update went less than smooth we probably will not see that functionality again.

But I miss it too.