PS4 Couch CO-OP?

Will there be an update for couch co-op like jewel quest? would be really nice to play your friends/spouse who come over and are interested…another feature that would be nice is online play…Anyone have information on this will be appreciated…Thank you

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online play is essentially pvp but i know what you mean. I would love to play my sister or my guild leader without risking trophies but still get all other rewards.


yes sir…my wife plays as well and we have to watch each other play and pop what if smack because there is no couch co-op or vs friend play

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I think it would be a nice addition to the game.


it really would…i loved it on jewel quest which ultimately made me download this game…i really want to reach out to 505 and get some info on this

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Hi @berk,

Sorry we took so long to reply, we’ve been hard at work on our next update, and I haven’t had much time to check the forums in the last 2 days.

Couch Coop would be fun, I agree!
We had it in our previous Puzzle Quest games, and it was quite popular.
We develop the Mobile/PC version here at Infinity (505/Pipeworks develop the console versions), so this isn’t an authoritative answer… but I don’t believe it’s on the immediate list of things to add on console. Longer term, we’d love to see it though!

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Wait did i read that right? You are hard at work on your next update! It has only been a month since the last one was pushed out so you guys are working on an other one? I am not ready for this. My body is not ready for this. Oh my god i can’t wait to see it and it is only in the beginning stages of major patch development. Or you guys could be working on a different type of patch. I want to know so much.

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Kidnaps Sirrian and forces him to help 505 with the console update

Neeeeeeds update noooooowwww!!!

(Jovialness and sillyness intended. No devs were kidnapped or harmed by ThoughtfulMoron)

ThoughtfulMoron - Isn’t that an 'oxymoron’:laughing:…?

Omg i am going into conspiracy theory here but if they are working on an update then it might be for ps4/xbox version. My rational brain though tells me it might be for pc/mobile or next weeks weapon that may or may not be new. If they are working on the new major patch then i can’t wait to see it and i bet there is news of what is going into it on the forums hidden just like 108s update info was.

Well since 505 are the ones who make the updates for the consoles, I’d say that’s extremely unlikely. Also keep in mind, that on the mobile version, some things that were intended for the last update didn’t make it in, and got pushed out to the next update. I’d imagine that they really never stop working on the next update, aside from when they are fixing the unforseen issues of the previous one.

@Richyread - Moreso think of someone who is so caught up in what’s in their head, that they are oblivious to everything outside of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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big misunderstanding on my behalf and thx for the feed back

I always chalk up @505GamesSupport as a publisher or something along those lines. Reason i believe this is that is the most silent on the forums and mostly works with xbox/ps4 parts of the game where as we hop on the forums and the devs can solve all our problems if they can find them.