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Ps4 console level 1400? Lol not exactly

I am on ps4 console my level is 250 with all kingdom at 10 and gold stars 1 to 3 per kingdom .
I use a level 1 single troop untraited as defense .
I go to check my revenges list and notice the level and go wtf? 1400 ? Since i only get revenges at level 280 to 1000 i assumed it was a level 1400.

On second glance after a few seconds i said level one fourty? Then i looked again very carefully and it was a level fourteen on my revenges list lol wtf?
So i select my lowest level team that i run for map farming and it was a lol.
Seriously the opponent had the fearsome crudeclub..._geez talk about am match maker fail.