{PS4} Active but mid-game player looking for guild

I am looking for a guild that has a 1,500 Seals per week requirement but has a low gold req.

I am about 70% of the way to maxing out cities then Ill just start dumping gold into guild.

I am currently in the “mid-game” meaning I am only level 450, the only mythics I have are cruddy (except worldbreaker) and am working on getting some decent PvP teams fully traited out (Skeleton Key, WorldBreaker).

Im getting better each week, but am not an end-game grinder (will be eventually).

EDIT: Found a guild, thanks for the PMs everyone!

Hi Viridian!
Madrina’s Marauders has an opening for you, it sounds like we’d be a
good fit for each other.
We are an active, supportive, friendly family, and are active
in all guild events.
Min reqs are max seals, 100,000 gold, and all guild wars matches.
We hit 40,000 every week.
Hope to hear from you soon,