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Ps4 Ace Outlaws

Hey all.

Tier 8 for guild wars. (Currently have been first or second most months so often climbing.)

Currently looking for level 500 player or above but willing to consider otherwise.

20k gold 200 seals 20 trophies. (Many people go far beyond that but if you want to play god of war this week and gems of war next week you shouldn’t be kicked for missing target. Basically if you prett much just log on you can hit targets)

Fairly active group. Usually hit around 75 percent of weekly event targets and rewards.

Psn chat rooms, pet alerts, tower of doom spreadsheet to maximize your doom weapon upgrade scrolls. Dozens of gw team combinations for players of all levels and many different card combination types.

Any questions please reply here or message vorlon or floormat on psn.

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Could I join