PS Vita version?

Hello there, i just recently found out that developers of my all-time favourite game, PQ:Challenge of Warlords, created this new ip. I instantly got it for my PS4 and tried it out. I liked the new re-imagining of the old “Match 3” formula with some “Hearthstone” elements in it. Really something interesting going on in there! My only concern was that the game will look best on a smaller screen, so that is why i thought it is best to play on a mobile because of how much more simpler graphics are, and how big they are on the screen (in comparison to first PQ).

Closer to my point: I never play mobile games just because of how much space on my phone they take (I have a 16GB Phone that doesn’t fit anything in it) so i have a specific platform where i play all those so-called “mobile games” which is PS Vita.

Question: Any chance on you guys doing a PS Vita version with a cross-buy/cross-play, possibly with ability to transfer saves, or using cloud for same account on PS4 and Vita? Currently the only way i can play it is to use remote-play through internet from PS4 on my vita. I really like this platform, but whenever there is a game that would be perfect for it, it is not on it…