Provide more souls for low level players


The beauty of this game rely greatly on tons of options to build a successful team.

When you start the game you get lots of options to explore. However, soul is a very scare resource : you didn’t learn yet how to build a farm team, you don’t have the souls to build a farm team, you make a lot of mistakes in your choices.

I feel that new plays (my kids especially) have to farm a long time before they can actually try a new team.

Here is what I suggest :

  • Greatly increases the souls provided by challenges
    Make that bonus soul immune to +% souls from guilds/difficulty/armors and such : we don’t want people to wait for being high level enough to crush a warlock III challenge, or to get 500 gems to buy their celestial armor first, to get even more souls.

  • Make arena a good place to grab already leveled troops
    At the end of the arena, instead of proposing to buy the 3 troops for 450ish gems, allow us to buy each troop individually, and for about half price (so around 75-80 gems to get a single level 15 troop).

Level 15 is perfectly fine to test out a troop.
Arena is a great place to discover new troops and feel if you might like them.
450 gems is nearly the price for an armor, and is 10 gem keys chest.
Allowing to buy each troop individually help greatly reduce the cost to grab one favorite troop.

That’s it.
The aim is to make “team building” quickly accessible to low level players, to keep them hooked into the game and avoid the “farm boredom” (having to run 1000 fights with the same team before you can actually try out a new team).

Thank you for the time you took to read.


i like the idea

if the base amount is increased (at least the last chellenge 250souls -> 300souls) i dont see why not make it %+ immune :slight_smile:

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How about instead of that they just add a little tutorial on soul farming and give you one generator card and a necromancy card to train with and you keep the team, souls, and the knowledge you gained afterwards.

This way you teach everyone about soul farming and it helps boost the little guy as well as it helps relieve the stress us GM’s have when we have to teach each new recruit.


i suggest you making a soul farming team. A very simple one is teh dragon soul+3xwarlock
Warlock has necromancy so boosts the souls earned of 50%.
You can explore with said team, and with a dragon armor+guild boost+hard difficulty boost, should be able to farm around 200 souls and maybe some traitstones.
When you get th celestial, you’ll farm around 250 per combat

did you notice the thread was about low level players?
its about helping out players who are starting out
if they can make a team with traited warlocks or dragon soul means they already dont have problem with souls and passes that moment the OP is trying to address

yeah again, the OP is talking about low level players before they buy the armors and stuff

that would be great


the week i started playing i got TDS, which requires no traits for farming while traiting a warlock for necromancy is far from being hard, requires just minor and major TSs. Warlock rarity is also very low.
That aside, one could swap TDS with valkirye (more commmon than TDS).
I Added the armor cuz dragon is the first being bought, i did not mean bantering, just giving numbers i am familiar with.
Last thing, chill out, mate. For such a small stuff you sound uselessly aggressive.

The problem is that the game basically forces you to use a Soul farming team. If you give them a troop early on and force them down a path then they’re basically stuck with that team for like 100 levels. There really needs to be a better progression so Souls/levels are easier to come by early on and less so later on.

maybe it was uselessly aggressive,
im sorry if it was too aggressive, i just mean that while it was solution for you, i didnt see it helpful in the light of an actual feature request (forum has tons of topics about team building around soul farming where it would be helpful)
instead it seemed like saying this feature request is not needed since you have this solution - and with that i felt i need to voice a disagreement with an explanation

true but i think its still better then not giving them any :sweat_smile:
it could be a warg, what do i know :laughing:

What if the developers give large soul reward when you finally finish a Kingdoms questline.

  1. The Reward could be something to work for as brand new players would know if they just finished a Kingdom they would get a nice reward to help them. So the Kingdom reward: New Epic Troop + Souls
  2. Kingdoms are limited, so your not altering the economy that much.

I started playing middle of Feb this year. And I didn’t aquire TDS til sometime around lvl 100+ …til then I retrieved all souls from grinding out ARENA.

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@strat => this is why I proposed a way larger soul reward for challenges. Challenges open while you work on the kingdom quest line and are pretty easy to beat so especially designed for low level players.

@legion_47 & @EmsDad15 I think I got my first dragon soul around level 250 :frowning:

And as @Delinquent said, giving them a soul farming troop might just stick them into that style and prevent that “team build exploring” that is what makes this game interesting.

We have :

  • PVP => gold, glory, trophies
  • Arena => some gold, some souls
  • Challenges => useless
  • Explore => Traitstones
  • Questlines => story/fun, teaching, opening exploring, first epic cards
  • Tresure hunt => a bit of everything, only activity that provide gems

Building a soul farming team allow you to enjoy pvp or explores while also gaining souls.
Soul farming teams aren’t that fun, require souls in the first place, and don’t have much variation (i.e. are quickly boring).

For high level players, we know how to squeeze one soul creator in some pvp team, or build an efficient soul farming team, might even have access to TDS or Pharao. We also know what to pick (runic blade!) in arena to get those 8 matches wins.
Also, when you are already level 200, you are already into the game. And I feel it’s ok to farm to level troops for the purpose of raising the power stars of our kingdoms.

So I don’t feel like we need to address soul farming at high level.

Hence the idea to push Arena even deeper in the Soul department.
And making use of challenges for low level players (challenges already give souls, but so small amount).

An alternate Challenge improvement idea would be :

  • each time a fight challenge is beat for the first time, troops used during that fight gain levels. This would encourage to test new, non leveled teams, in challenges. However, setting correctly the level gain is harder than giving a fixed soul amount :slight_smile:

I understand what you want, I was being realistic. The developers are not going to “greatly increase the Souls…” in a activity that currently has 980 opportunities.

@Strat hmm, I did some matchs, and maybe greatly increasing was a bit rushed. A x2 will most probably simply work.
I would say that doing a whole kingdom of challenge (35 fights) shall give me enough to level up 1 epic troop to level 18 ? It’s currently giving 1k souls, that’s enough for 1 troop level 10 :cry:

Matches gives (without bonuses) : 5, 10, 15, 20 and 100. (total of 150 for 5 easy matches) (30 average per match)
7 challenges per kingdom
28 kingdoms
So that’s a total of 29400 total souls. For ever. For your entire game life.
I would say that level to 15 is about 2500 souls and to 20 is between 4000 and 5500.
So I would estimate that doing 980 easy matches will allow me to level about 12 troops to level 15, or 5 and 7 to level 20.

If I build a soul farm team, I will most probably make 80 souls per pvp game (without bonuses, sometimes you manage to fire enough spells to fill you 100/100 sometimes not).
2 PVP game gives me as much as 5 challenge matches.

Compared to arena 9 matches (1 lost 8 won) gives me about 1000 souls (without bonuses) I need to run about 6 full 5-fight challenges to beat that. Arena fights take longer than challenges, three times longer maybe ? They would need to take 6 times longer to be beaten by challenges (and arena also provide gold that challenges don’t).

There are over 350 troops to level over all. that’s between 1.4Mil and 1.9Mil souls total.
Doing all current challenges, without bonuses that’s below 3% total souls needed to “complete the game”.

So, as long as i am without bonuses, that’s freaking weak.
When you level up, and can build teams that one shoot most challenges, that’s a lot of souls for the time spent.

That’s why I would go with increasing soul gain from challenges to be enough to build like 30 troops or so, but I would freeze it out of bonuses. Challenges would be the most efficient for starter players, but will be outshined by arena and explore/pvp with soul farm team.

If we double it, that’s roughly 60k souls, that’s barely 5% of total of all current troops.
(I hope I did not miscalculate)


I only started playing this week and cannot fathom out how you use souls. And also what they are used for? callie416

Souls are (primarily) used for leveling up your troops. They start at level 1 and you can use souls to make them stronger. Click (or press) on a troop and choose crafting to see where you can level up.

Problem is that you sort of need souls to get souls. Its not ideal as a barrier-to-entry sort of thing. People have to be way more invested than they should be before they’ll go through the tedium of going through the challenges.

It didnt sound uselessly aggressive to me at all… They were good points because it took me 2 months after the release of tds to get him and i was a mid level player and btw i still only have 2 of them so id say you got lucky pulling tds first week of playing


to me sounded very aggressive, for being a casual conversation with someone you do not know.
also, again, for a beginner, getting a warlock (rare->gold chest) and unlocking its necrom (1st trait that wants only minor and major TS, easy to find anywhere) imho is a very cheap way to get souls fast.
That is why i said what i said.
BTW, farming souls is a long and boring chore for someone who cannot find a pharos (like me) and is forced to farm during explore.

I’d personally solve the issue for low level players by completely reworking weapons for your hero.

And one of the colors could focus on souls. Purple? Combination of Purple+Blue for example? Tutorial could mention this, of course.
Or probably a quest after your 1st kingdom to lead you towards Ghulvania (just an idea, it fits thematically) that would offer you a soul-generating weapon as a reward.

That would kill 2 birds with 1 stone. 90% of weapons are never going to be used and the whole weapon system needs to be updated anyway.