Proof of life please

Some people spent money to roll, after all you can buy gems.

You made the call to then sell a discounted version to those people. They already paid!

After selling a faulty product, your solution is to sell it again for half off. This is called stealing.


So…how did you not know but still made the call? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Literally every update. :rofl:

It suspect he might not have been informed of the full extent of the issue. Hopefully he will have some time to read up on it, because the call he made is definitely coming across as weird. “Sorry you didn’t receive the Arachnean Weaver you paid for, as compensation we’ll allow someone else to craft it at half cost”.


Weird? Nah, totally normal! /s

Haven’t you ever bought something online, only for the delivery item to be the wrong one, and the store then offers you the correct item at half off? No? You havent? You would expect them to exchange the items? Otherwise you would just do a chargeback and post negative reviews?

But IP2 and even Sirrian says selling it again is totally fine!!!

My wallet stays closed. Stop stealing IP2. Do the right thing.


Please please give us- the community- the benefit of the doubt. PLEASE read what happened- don’t take the short version you have been told and act on that only.
The Arachnaean Weaver issue made @awryan reach out to you and even on your end, you were urged to come to the forum. Weavergate has been extremely poorly handled.
Do you even know how many bugs we have to deal with on almost a weekly basis? And some of the bad ones takes months for you to fix - that is bad, but Weavergate is too much. That wasn’t right. We are talking about people spending money or/and several month of playing - WASTED because it was forgotten to be mentioned that Arachnaean Weaver wasn’t going to be in event chests the first 4 days. When a “sorry” didn’t satisfy the community, then the answer has been that we should have known because it was mentioned 3 or 4 years ago, that it could happen…


So 6.0 is coming soon :slight_smile: .
Thanks for your answers and nice to see you here!

no doubt 6.0 will ‘work as intended’ like everything else in the game.

I remember
Such a shame!

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remember #weavergate

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