Problem with going into Wars and losing level on team

I have a dragon team that is currently over 6000. But the last few days in Guild Wars, I go to do my battles, and my dragon team will show it currently like 5000 or something. I go in and by Baby Dragon which is level 19 is suddenly level 9 or level 11. And then my Dragon Egg which is also level 19 will show it like level 10. I back out, shut down the Xbox one and go back in and the same thing. Or I will go into the battle and one the screen where the actual battle takes place, my dragons will be nerfed. I wanted to know what gives with that? My husband had the same thing happen to his Goblin team.

  1. Use the X1 integrated recording features to capture a video of this in action. This might help the developers see what exactly is going on.
  2. Open a ticket here:
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