Problem solved...we are now Mean Machines sister guild

My guild was an active 30 person guild and rose to the 20th bracket but the changes in the game have decimated my guild. Looking for a actve guild equally struggling to merge into one guild…whichever guild is a higher bracket and has higher totems.

Bracket is 21 and totems are 73 85 72 68 74 75

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Why not just recruit to try and fill those spots?

We don’t have 10 spots but we have 3 spots available for anyone who might be interested.

Ive tried bro.

Made several recruitment threads to no avail.

I also have my guild set to anyone even lvl 1 can join. No one has joined in 2 months. We used to get 2 noobies every couple weeks who we would train and help them get dragon armor.

It seems like less new people have been joining lately.

Right on…

Good luck

@Salibu I assume considering the effort you’ve put into finding people that you may have tried what I’m going to suggest but just in case . . . . . .

When I was running my own guild I was more successful finding people from Global chat in game. The forum may have produced 2 or 3 members at the time. The rest were all recruited from global. Recruiting is really tough now that there is so much competition amongst guilds. Good players that stick around are extremely hard to find.

Best of luck on your search.


Exactly this! This has been my experience as well as GL

So this post solved the issue. Thanks all for looking. We are now the sister guild of Mean Machine. Thanks all.


There’s too many guilds out there. The vast majority are less than half full and not really achieving a whole lot. I don’t know why people keep forming new guilds just to struggle. Mergers are the way to go.